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Lorelei Nettles was born and grew up in the Minnetonka area of Minnesota. In 1982, she met and married Robert Nettles in California after dating only 28 days and soon the two moved back to Lorelei's home state. In January of 1986, both were called into the Church of God after watching the television broadcast and were baptised in April of that same year. In 1989, they moved to Pasadena, CA where Lorelei worked for the churches travel department for a time.

After trying to have children for twelve years, in 1995, the Nettles finally had a son whom they named Roger. After much moving around, the Nettles finally settled in Arizona in 2004. Lorelei has always enjoyed writing. She has ghost written for websites, written researched articles, blogged for the company she works for, is the reporter for her local congregation and also wrote a book about homeschooling. She is currently the managing editor for the Beyond Today articles section online, (previously Virtual Christian Magazine) and has enjoyed writing articles for the website and being a part of the online magazine since 1997.

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