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Pray for the Future of Jerusalem

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The news reports of the Israel-Gaza conflict aren't pretty. Step back from geopolitics for a moment and think about the human element at play. People on both sides of the line are living in fear day to day. A mortar or missile could land on their home at any time.

Reading the reports of the violence immediately made me think of Psalms 122:6 Psalms 122:6Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you.
American King James Version×
. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” David's simple statement holds even more meaning now than when he wrote it. Take some time out of your day and follow David's example. Get on your knees and pray to God for the peace of Jerusalem.

You won't just be praying for a city. You'll be praying for every Israeli and Palestinian man, woman and child who has to face another day of fear. You'll be praying for their safety and for their emotional wellbeing. For those people at risk right now, a prayer for Jerusalem equals a prayer for a normal life today and into the future.

Even more important than peace today is that you'll be praying for the ultimate peace to come. It can be hard to see past today's suffering, but Jerusalem has a bright future that starts when Jesus Christ returns. “I will return to Zion, and dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the Lord of hosts, the Holy Mountain” (Zechariah 8:3 Zechariah 8:3Thus said the LORD; I am returned to Zion, and will dwell in the middle of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the LORD of hosts the holy mountain.
American King James Version×
). Even Israel's current enemies will share in this peace. “In that day Egypt and Assyria will be connected by a highway. The Egyptians and Assyrians will move freely between their lands, and they will both worship God. And Israel will be their ally. The three will be together, and Israel will be a blessing to them. For the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will say, 'Blessed be Egypt, my people. Blessed be Assyria, the land I have made. Blessed be Israel, my special possession!'” (Isaiah 19:23-25 Isaiah 19:23-25 23 In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians. 24 In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the middle of the land: 25 Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my inheritance.
American King James Version×
, New Living Translation).

Praying for peace in Jerusalem is a lot more important than just stopping today's fighting. A prayer for Jerusalem's peace equals a prayer for world peace and God's Kingdom of Peace on earth.

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  • artzilla

    Sadly, the news reports are quite shallow concerning Palestine, except to say they are terrorists, and make claim how they are raining down missiles into Israel, and allowing Israel to play the victim card. I know all of this fits neatly into a prophesy package. I realize of course that Jerusalem is at this time located in Palestinian Territory, and is extremely coveted after by the Jews, as it is the place where they will rebuild the Temple and begin animal sacrifices again. Meanwhile, both sides equally share death and destruction and I would pray for them Both equally as Peace is what my heart desires. It pains me to see women and children being killed with little or no concern by the political factors involved.

  • Tulisile
    Our Father, who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name Thine Kingdom come, Thine will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. Jesus had a reason to teach this prayer. All knowledge and wisdom are his. If everybody on earth were or believer in Christ world wide would everyday at the exact time pray the Lord’s prayer. Imagine what could happen!

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