The Gospel of the Kingdom


Learn about the surprising message of Jesus Christ's and God's Kingdom.

Today's headlines are filled with bad news—war, famine, natural disasters, government scandals and the like. With all this bad news, what kind of future can we look forward to?

Will the world ever see a time of lasting peace?

Almost 2,000 years ago, a prophet came bringing a vital message for this world. That prophet was Jesus Christ, and His message was "the gospel of the kingdom of God" (Mark:1:14). The word gospel means good news . But what was the good news Jesus Christ brought? What is the kingdom of which He spoke? And does it have anything to do with the problems that threaten us today?

What is the Kingdom of God?

Most people don't understand the truth about the Kingdom of God. Yet it is the central theme of the Bible—and truly the best news the world can hear!

In the Bible study aid booklet, The Gospel of the Kingdom you can discover the truth of the surprising message Jesus Christ brought. This study aid shows you, from the pages of your Bible, exactly what that message is—and what it means for you. Request this free Bible study aid today!


We will see that the good news Jesus Christ brought is not just a message about His life and death leading to our salvation; His message also concerns the meaning of salvation and how He intends to save the human race from its present problems. The gospel reveals the glorious destiny of mankind! (Page 4)

Our world is threatened by overwhelming problems because we have rejected God. (Page 17)

The truth that the Kingdom of God is ultimately an eternal kingdom, not just a thousand-year period, is made plain by Jesus Christ. (Page 20)

What will salvation—eternal life in the Kingdom of God—really mean to those who receive it? (Page 28)

The true gospel reveals that the saints—the faithful followers of Jesus Christ, who will be resurrected to eternal life at His return—will be actively involved in ruling with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God when it is established (Revelation:5:10). (Page 29)

One way Christians can enhance their vision of the coming Kingdom of God is by understanding the meaning of God's seven annual festivals. (Page 31)

What will I find in this booklet?


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