Background of the Bible

"And it happened, when all our enemies heard of it, and all the nations around us saw these things, that they were very disheartened in their own eyes; for they perceived that this work was done by our God" (Nehemiah 6:16).

How did the Bible come into existence? Who wrote it? What was happening as it was being written? All these questions and more are answered here in the Background of the Bible.

Scott Ashley standing in the Valley of Hinnom.
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10 Days to Passover - Day 6

When Jesus comes into Jerusalem from Bethany the day after having His feet and head anointed by Mary, the crowds gather and celebrate Him. John 12:12-16 tells the story succinctly, but Luke 19:29-44 has more detail:

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10 Days to Passover - Day 7

Jesus continued making His way toward Jerusalem and arrived in Bethany, which is two miles east of Jerusalem. The family of Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead, gives a dinner in honor of Jesus. At some point during the dinner, Mary makes a memorable gesture. John 12:1-3 tells what happened:

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Jesus left Jericho after having stayed there at the house of Zacchaeus. Along the road, two blind men cry out for Jesus, though the crowd following tries to quiet them. There are two accounts of this story, one in Matthew 20:29-34, and the other in Mark 10:46-52, which gives a bit more detail about one of the two blind men.

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On His way from Ephraim to Jerusalem, Jesus stopped in Jericho, which is on the route between the two towns. In Jericho, he meets a man named Zacchaeus, and the story of what happens next will provide our point for meditation today (Luke 19:2-10):

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Passover: It’s a day God commands us to observe each year by commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life and paid the ultimate price on our behalf. When we get baptized, we are committing our lives to God, and Passover is when we renew that commitment.

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The Bible, the Truth, and The History Channel

As a child, I would read books and watch movies describing a Utopian society. I was fascinated by their depiction of a future lifestyle of ease and prosperity. Although the world we live in is certainly not perfect or Utopian, it does offer us the convenience of push-button operation for activities that used to require hard work and a strong body.  We no longer have to trek down to the river for a bucket of water, wash our clothing at the river's edge with a rock, or ride a horse into town.

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Videos in Background of the Bible

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Background of the Bible Sermons

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Darris McNeely

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Is the Bible True?

Is the Bible True?

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Bible and Archaeology Part 1

Bible and Archaeology Part 1

The study of archaeology can help fortify faith. It allows us to take a fascinating journey back in time to study the stones and artifacts that bear mute but compelling witness to the truth of Scripture. This series examines the discoveries that parallel and illuminate biblical accounts.

Bible and Archaeology Part 2

Bible and Archaeology Part 2

Evidence from archaeology is one great proof of biblical accuracy, and it is the focus of this series of articles. We offer you a sampling of the evidence that is available—documentation showing that details of the people, places and events described in the Bible—many of them mentioned only in passing—have been verified by archaeologists and historians. Many excellent books have been published in recent years that verify the dependability of Scripture, and no doubt more will follow as new discoveries come to light.

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