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A blog post by Darris McNeely

The US and the EU

Posted December 20, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

Another 'Push' from the King of the South

Tom Kirkpatrick sends this article with comment. "Just another in a series of recent opinion pieces that demonstrate the fundamental changes going on in Europe--the tension between the secularists/rising Muslim force and the Scarlet woman -- it seems likely that a strong and vigorous and miracle-working successor to John Paul II will have to come on the scene to lead Europeans to counter the "push" from the south".

Posted December 19, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

Faith in the Ukraine

Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" had more than politics as a motivator. Religion is alive and growing in the country since the fall of Communism and this report in Opinion Journal shows those who gathered in the public squares were people of faith.

Posted December 17, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

Arab A3trustmerticle on Arab hatred for Jews comes in the Financial Times of December 15. Headline "French Court Blocks way for Hizbollah TV".

al-Manar is a Beirut based satellite television station run by the Shia militant group. "Hoping to attract Muslim societies in Europe and the US...is already providing news bulletins in French and English. It has also been adding social and religious programs to attract younger audiences."

Posted December 16, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

Freedom Marches Onward

Claudia Rossett in the WSJ interviews a Ukranian deputy of Mr Yushenko. She observes that " The bottom line is simple, and universal. Freedom brings with it a degree of dignity that repression can never confer."

Posted December 15, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

Interesting article on parenting from the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoting Strauss and Howe on the generations.

Posted December 14, 2004 | 0 comments
A blog post by Darris McNeely

A couple of recent articles on Europe and a coming clash with Islam are a must read. In light of the Daniel reference to the King of the South "pushing" at the King of the North this article gives insight into why this prophetic sequence could be triggered.

Posted December 13, 2004 | 0 comments

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Copslb said...

Looking forward to the peace that this world so badly needs...It will only come with God intervention ...I pray his Kingdom comes...

Deanne said...

True Janet.

What does one say to a young one who says "I know that Jesus will be coming one day but I want as much fun as I can get until then"!

Satan has indeed blocked the hearts of many and it is so wickedly evil!

Abrahamuz said...

No matter how hard they may try, they will never overpower Israel.

Janet Treadway said...

Wow Robert you have gone through a lot! I am so sorry. I cannot imagine having to bury a child or a grandchild. I am hoping the rest of your years will be filled with much joy. BTW 50 was hard for me as well. But I can honestly say the last ten years have been the best.

itsmetrish said...

Great article. In all things give thanks.

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