Meteor explodes over Russia, Asteroid set to pass by Earth in Near-Miss

Submitted February 15, 2013

Meteor explodes over Russia

Unbelievable footage from Russia of a meteor exploding near the Ural mountains.

The car dash footage is amazing:


But what really got me was the explosions footage:


I was looking at all this footage with my buddy Jamie and I said, "This is how everyone will see Jesus coming back."

And all on the same day that a  huge asteroid will pass super close to the earth ( about 17,000 miles,  closer than the moon).

Darris McNeely and I were discussing it and he said, "Heavenly signs, Mitch!"

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Rtslocum's picture

I have often wondered to my self during times of meditation, "how will I feel and how will I react when the time of the end arrives?". Not saying this event is the tipping point, but having been born and raised in the Church of God, just like an athlete preparing to play in the big game... I contemplate my performance when the game is on the line. Events like these cause me to be even more focused. Thanks for sharing Mitch.

Mitchell Moss

Mitchell Moss's picture

After further discussion with Darris, we concluded that in fact, Jesus' return will probably be far more incredible and instantaneously visible than just something you see on YouTube. The spirit realm is way more incredible than that.

Michael Trombi

Michael Trombi's picture

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be to that effect though. One day we might be driving down the road, then all of the sudden you hear these trumpets blast, then you look up and you see Jesus the Christ in all his glory, power, beauty, and brilliants....................instantly on your knees and worshipping him. Thanks be to God the Father for our Lord Jesus the Christ.

Ivan Veller

Ivan Veller's picture

Hi Mr. Trombi,

"Then you His coming will truly be glorious!

"Listen! The ones who watch [and wait] are crying out [and laughing] for joy: [Look now,] for everyone will see the Eternal One coming back to Zion. Let the rock and rubble of Jerusalem erupt in joyful song, for the Eternal has brought comfort to His people and redeemed Jerusalem. The Eternal has [flexed His muscles], bared His holy arm for the world to see His power; Every nation, every person, every place on earth will witness the victory of our God" (Isaiah:52:8-10, Voice 2009).

Also, for a summary of the events immediately preceding Christ's return, see:

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