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My House and His House

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Some people seem to be born with the ability to organize their daily environment. Unfortunately, I am not one those individuals. Even as a child, I was known for losing things, walking around with my shoes untied, and becoming so engrossed in whatever I happened to be doing at any given moment that I lost complete track of time.

Since organization is not something that comes naturally, I have had to work at it. I begin each day with a list. It includes everything I would like to accomplish, with a few added activities if I have the time. Over the years, I have become fond of my lists and recently added a new tool to help me expand my organization skills. This two binder system is designed to make me more aware of how I spend my time when “building my house” and “building His house.” 

Each binder includes a spiral notebook, a large yellow envelope, clear plastic sleeves, and folders with pockets.

My House

This binder is used to track the various updates we would like to make to our home and the estimated costs. I use it to keep recipes I am interested in trying along with information on eating better and living a healthier life. I keep my grocery shopping organized by including a shopping list, store ads, and coupons. A calendar allows me to stay on top of any upcoming appointments. This is a great way to maintain articles on various hobbies including gardening, sewing, and baking. I also collect ideas for writing my next book, books I would like to read, and information on business development. It can be used in keeping articles and thoughts on becoming a better home-maker, family member, friend, writer, and business person.

His House

Keeping track of my personal and the church prayer lists has never been easier. Inside the binder I have also placed several small cards, envelopes, return address labels, and stamps, for sending cards to those who are sick or may need a little encouragement. It is a great place to keep phone numbers of local members, for easy access. I collect recipes that can be used for pot-luck Sabbaths or entertaining church members in our home. The binder allows me to keep a list of special needs I may be aware of and ideas on how to fill those needs. It is a great place to collect and organize ideas for this blog. Other uses could include a list of the times and ways that God has intervened in your life. You may want to write down questions or ideas that can be used to enhance your personal Bible study, or a schedule for reading the Bible through in a year. Using this system can help us organize thoughts and activities to enhance our Christian journey and our service to Him and His people.

Each of us will have our own talents and interests. While this system works great for my personality, you might need to make some adjustments and personalize it to gain the most benefit.

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  • linda effenberger
    Thanks for the helpful tips, Sherrie. I am still not quite there in my organization of everything. Because we live in small quarters, I have certain places for certain things, for instance the telephone numbers are by the telephone in a folder; I have a card box in my small office “corner” with all cards and envelopes, filed as to what type of card, whether blank, get-well, postcard, etc. My prayer list lays ready at all times on the table by the sofa. I have an appointment binder with places to make notes of what happened that day which is important to note. Then I have a binder for my bible study. To organize all my notes is a big job - I have not yet reached a solid solution. If I had a big office, maybe I could manage since I would have space for all the binders!, but in my small office space, I need to still work on consolidation and best-use of space. One would probably say that the computer could be the best storage place. Well, yes, but I am from the old school and I mostly like to write out the verses that I study, sitting close to the wood-burning stove. I do type alot of stuff that I study, but the computer corner is not so comfortable. Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe in this area there is room for improvement. One thing I learned in recent years, is not to let anything deter the effort towards reaching a goal. It may take me a lifetime to get myself organized, but I am working on it all the way by not giving up!
  • Sherrie G
    Linda, the thing about being organized is that it has to work. You seem to have found a system that works for you. All of us are different and we all have strengths and weaknesses that make our situations unique to who we are. Keep doing what works best for you.

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