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Cancelling Troubles

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Too many people shut their eyes to the problems facing them, and sure enough, the problems get bigger. Troubles are like a boomerang; you can't throw them away because they come right back at you. Troubles can quickly multiply.

Meeting troubles head on is not always easy to do, but there are a number of benefits that come to us from taking the challenge when we act with wisdom. The Bible tells us to count it all joy when we have trials, or troubles, because they teach us faith and patience and result in us growing into levels of maturity that make our life better and also add to the betterment of all we know (James 1:2 James 1:2My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations;
American King James Version×
). We do not need to seek troubles—we have plenty to go around. We need to tackle them one at a time with gusto and determination. That makes life exciting, and we are the better for it.

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  • kbmabote

    we should from time to time expect to come across tabulances in our way of life,what should at all times be our source of strength is that we be remminded that we are not on our own if they persist we should immediately request our creator through Prayer in Faith that they be removed and they will in one way or another be removed or other alternatives reveal themselves to facilitate us to overcome

  • vccsaipan

    Being a Christian who serve God faithfully does not excuse us in facing trials, problems and hardships in life. As a matter of fact Jesus warns us about this matter, that is why we are advised to be strong and to count it all joy when we encounter all this. Because all this will never go away… and Jesus will never take them away either. But, God can give us strength and courage to face any obstacles or hardships in life to fight the good fight of faith and won the victory. No hardships, no victory. In short this…. trials,or troubles were both an instruments teaching us on how to use our faith and patience to which at the end will result growth and maturity in our part.
    So don’t ask God to take away your problem but asked God to give you strength. God bless

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