Book Review - The Harbinger: The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future

Jonathan Cahn's new book The Harbinger provides contemporary evidence that shows how God's Divine hand is involved in significant world events.

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Jonathan Cahn

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Paperback, 272 pages

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Jonathan Cahn in his book The Harbinger   published January 3, 2012 unveils a stunning connection between the tragedy of 9/11 and an ancient prophecy from Isaiah:9:10

“The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut done, But we will replace them with cedars”

Written in spellbinding narrative style, Cahn records the dialogue between two fictional characters. A journalist named Baruch Nouriel Kaplan and an elusive prophet that guides Nouriel through a series of seals and clues to discover a compelling connection between the oft quoted passage from Isaiah and the events surrounding and following 9/11.

While the characters are fictional, the message and premise of the book are based on well documented facts, both ancient and modern, that come together with precision that is only possible when an Invisible Hand, so self evident to the Founding Fathers, is guiding the events.

The fundamental premise of the book is that the passage from Isaiah unwittingly quoted by such notable leaders as Tom Daschle, John Edwards, and President Obama  in an attempt to inspire the nation to move beyond tragedy was in actuality a vow of defiance (as was the case in ancient Israel) because it failed to acknowledge the real problem—a nation founded by the Divine Favor had turned against Him in arrogant defiance.

Credible commentaries corroborate Cahn’s assertion that Isaiah:9:10—used unwittingly by politicians ancient and modern—was a vow of defiance as opposed to an inspirational rallying cry. Jamison Fausset & Brown note in their commentary that it was a “self-confident unwillingness to see the judgments of God” .

Instead of seeing the early Assyrian invasion for what it was—a divine warning of God’s impending judgment if they did not return to Him—the ancient leaders of Israel spun it as an opportunity to shore up defenses, apart from God, by rebuilding with hewn stones instead of brick, and replacing the lowly sycamores with stately cedars.

Similarly, Cahn points out, the United States has displayed a self-confident unwillingness to acknowledge the judgment of God following instead a destructive path leading farther and farther from its Judeo-Christian heritage. Paradoxically, the United States has followed quite literally the defiant rallying cry of its ancient forbearers replacing the fallen rubble of 9/11 with a hewn “Freedom Stone” on the site of Ground Zero and the uprooted sycamore at St. Paul’s Chapel with a cedar called the "Tree of Hope."

Ironically, St. Paul’s Chapel, the site where the first fully constituted American government met for a prayer service to “commit the new government…to the holy protection and blessing of the Most High” on the occasion of George Washington’s inauguration, is the only building adjacent Ground Zero that remained virtually undamaged. Washington words that day have proven prophetic as attested to by the destruction surrounding the site after 9/11: “The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself hath ordained” (Washington’s Inaugural Address) .

Perhaps, Cahn’s most compelling connection is the alignment of both the Biblical Holy Days and the Seventh Year of Release known as the Shemitah to hallmark economic meltdowns following 9/11. The last day of Shemitah (Year of Release 2000 – 2001) September 17, 2001 on the eve of the Day of Trumpets marked the largest single day point drop in the DOW when the markets reopened after 9/11. Seven years later on September 29, again on the last day of Shemitah when debts are to be released, CNN  reported that the DOW set a new record when it dropped 777 points wiping out $1.2 trillion in market value in one day. It is highly improbable that the two largest corrections in the market would coincidently occur on the last day deadline of the year of release exactly seven years apart.

When one overlays the contents of The Harbinger  on the prophetic framework outlined in the United States & Britain in Prophecy that has been a central component of the Church’s message for decades, one gets the distinct impression that national judgment is at hand absent repentance of the type described by God to Solomon in response to his temple consecration prayer: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2. Chronicles 7:14).

Such repentance does not appear forthcoming on a national level, but this book may well motivate individuals to humble themselves before the mighty hand of God.


cropduster's picture

This is an incredible book. Everyone should read.


dmf5355's picture

I haven't read the book yet, though our Pastor thinks we should but my question is if the author is being truthful that we have prayed a curse of our country what then can we as Christians do??? Can we pray that the curse be lifted? I am a relatively new Christian and have a lot of questions thank you Dmf5355

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