"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1).

Faith is an integral part of every Christian's life. It's with faith that we overcome trials, it's with faith that we look ahead to our future, and it's with faith that we withstand our enemy. Learn more about this essential Christian characteristic and how you can develop it by checking out our resources on "Faith" below.

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A young man reading the Bible.
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A blog post by Berowe

When it comes to religion, it is easy to become overwhelmed in today's fast paced world. Human ingenuity has allowed for many major technological advances in the past few decades. Knowledge of history and any idea of religion is just a few keystrokes away on any search engine on the Internet.

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A blog post by Victor Kubik
A young woman looking away.

If you've ever watched the serial documentary "American Greed," you'll see true stories of people who put their trust in investors who claimed to greatly increase their savings. What happens, however, is this: The person entrusting the investor to make them a lot of money is scammed. The one entrusted with the money only gives an illusion of investing, while keeping the money and using money from other naïve victims to pay any dividends or expenses.

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A blog post by Dan Dowd
A person reading the Bible.

Christopher Hitchens died from cancer on December 15, 2011. Mr. Hitchens, a lifelong atheist, rose to fame with a book he wrote titled, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.  The premise of his book was that most bad things in history can be laid at the feet of religion – Christianity in particular, but, later in his life, also Islam.

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You Can Have Living Faith

You Can Have Living Faith

Our world is experiencing a crisis of faith. Few people place much faith in the future. Many have no faith their marriages will survive, that political leaders will honorably serve their country or that education will prepare them adequately for the challenges ahead. Faced with the difficulties of everyday life, many people simply have no confidence that there will be a better tomorrow.

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