" is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment..." (Hebrews 9:27).

Death remains one of life's greatest mysteries. What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? And how do we deal with the loss of a loved one? Answers to these questions and more are below.

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A blog post by Janet Treadway

On a visit to my favorite second hand store recently, I started talking with one of the clerks. She is always so friendly and upbeat. This trip was different, though. I knew she was waiting for tests to come back to see if her brain cancer had returned, so I asked if she had received the results back from the test. Still smiling, while taking a big swallow, she informed me that the cancer was back. She had decided to not do treatment. My heart ached for her. She proceeded to wait on her customers with that same friendly voice as if nothing was different. 

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A blog post by Victor Kubik
A teen boy looking at a Bible.

As I was growing up, wondering about life after death was a part of me. Perhaps you've had a similar experience. As I sat in a local church I attended back then with my parents in Minnesota, I heard vague notions about how one day my "consciousness" would somehow be transported to some kind of "heaven." It was up there somewhere where God lived. I apparently was going to live there forever if I was fortunate.

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A blog post by Carolyn Prater

A few days ago, I watched one of the videos showing members of a terrorist group in Iraq killing truckloads of people. Most of the victims were young men. Bullets were put into heads by cold, cruel hands. It was a blood bath. It is the face of pure evil.

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Videos in Death

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Death Sermons

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John Miller

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