God the Father

"Jesus said to him...'He who has seen Me has seen the Father'" (John 14:9).

The Head of the God family, God the Father has existed alongside the One who would become Jesus Christ since before time began. Here you'll learn more about who He is and why you matter to Him.

A blog post by Ken Murray

In a world of so many divergent religions and philosophies …do you find yourself asking (as I did when I was a young boy) …“is there a true God?”

For years that question plagued me. In fact it was a question that I used, to plague some of my school teachers and religious instruction teachers.

They frustrated me with answers …such as “Oh well, the answer to that question is just a matter of faith.”

How has this question rested with you? Have you found a satisfactory answer to it, yet?

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A blog post by Peter Eddington
"It's Not All About You!"

You've heard this phrase before, haven't you? "It's not all about you!" We usually hear it when we've become selfish or have stopped thinking about the needs of other people around us. It often takes a good friend or our spouse to utter those words to us!

Well, there is actually a lot of wisdom in those five words. And when it comes to spiritual matters, it's never all about you. It's never all about me. In preparing to be sons and daughters in God's family, it's all about God, not us.

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God the Father Sermons

Matthew Fenchel

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