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The Good News
We have combined the previous email newsletters (, The Good News and This is the Way) into ONE informative email newsletter that is sent each week. This email newsletter from The Good News will feature a letter from the President of the United Church of God, an International Association, updates from the website and a weekly This is the Way message. We hope this email message will provide weekly encouragement and assist you in your study of the Bible and help you develop a better relationship with God, Jesus Christ and other people in your life. 


Please provide us with the additional information within the sign up form to help us provide better email messages and let you know when events happen in your area.

Thank you! Web Team



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How do I subscribe (via email) to other updates and/or newsletters?

I tried to subscribe to a email newsletter, but I got an error message saying that my "email address was already subscribed to list - Email Updates & Newsletters".



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