Kingdom of Heaven

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The true Kingdom of Heaven speaks of infinitely greater things than the graphically violent 2005 movie of that name. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven affects your whole physical life and your eternal future.

Kingdom of Heaven
Why is it called the "kingdom of heaven"?

Of all the world's religions, even modern Christianity comprehends but little about this Kingdom. Fortunately you can know this Kingdom and be part of it!

A Kingdom By Any Other Name...

Why is it called the "kingdom of heaven" (Matthew:3:2; 5:10)? Is it because good people go to heaven when they die?

In fact, the Bible clarified this matter, stating, "No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven" (John:3:13). The only human being who has ever gone to heaven is Jesus Christ. The Kingdom is called the Kingdom of Heaven not because it is exclusive to that location but because it is ruled by God, who now dwells in heaven. In the Bible only Matthew's account of Christ's life used this descriptive phrase because he wrote primarily to the Jews of his day who made it a point to avoid speaking God's name. They used "heaven" as a substitute for God's name, as is done in the modern expression "Heaven only knows" (meaning God only knows). Thus, "kingdom of heaven" just means "kingdom of God," which is what the rest of the Bible calls it (Mark:1:14-15; Luke:4:43; John:3:3; Acts:19:8; Romans:14:17; 1 Corinthians:4:20). Even Matthew's account occasionally called it that (Matthew:6:33; 19:24).

Most adherents of Christianity assume that their destination is some sort of paradise in heaven. What they don't understand is that "heaven" (in the persons of Jesus Christ and ultimately God the Father) is coming here!

Kingdom of God Bible Seminars

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Jesus constantly spoke of His return to earth. His sinless human life, public ministry, death as the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind and miraculous resurrection constituted His first coming. At His second coming, Christ will return to conquer and rule the world. The Kingdom of God will then be established throughout the earth.

The true Kingdom of Heaven requires thinking like Jesus Christ thinks. It involves a spiritual way of life that guides your conscience to anticipate, value and seek the future Kingdom of God on earth.

God's Kingdom is a kingdom of conscience, of inner obligation, and you must choose whether or not you will submit to God's rule. Choose wisely.


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