Kingdom of God Bible Seminar - Bakersfield, California

June 15, 2013 - 2:00pm

Our seminars will explain to you things Christ said that you will not hear in most churches today. You will be shown the key signs Jesus said would be manifest in world affairs just before He brings the Kingdom of God to this earth. Find out stunningly important information about your opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God, and how to develop a meaningful relationship with God as never before—all based on Christ's central teachings—truths ignored by most people.

Green Acres Community Center
2014 Calloway Dr.
Bakersfield, California

Keith Tomes
Keith Tomes is an elder of the United Church of God serving the Las Vegas area.


Author's Profile Image
As an elder, Frank Fish serves in the Bakersfield and Los Angeles congregations.  With a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Theology and a minor in Business Administration he currently is the lead executive in a...



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