Feast Goers Welcome in Sri Lanka & India!

Register now to attend the Feast in either of these two beautiful, exotic countries where the brethren are warm and friendly.

jaypee palace in agra, india
The Jaypee hotel in Agra, India, where the Feast of Tabernacles will be held in 2011
Source: Jamie Schreiber

If you have not yet finalized your Feast plans, your brothers and sisters in India and Sri Lanka are eagerly waiting to welcome international family members to join them in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles!

The recent changes in the church did not afford advanced planning of the Festival, but recently the Feast sites for both countries were finalized!

Sri Lanka

Approximately 20-25 Sri Lankan brethren will be meeting together at the Mermaid Club and Hotel Kalutara near Beruwala, Sri Lanka. The hotel is located amid a vast garden of coconut palms on the golden sands of Mahawaskaduwa, a cozy fishing village. The cost of the hotel is approximately US$105 for a double occupancy room, which includes three buffet meals a day. Single and triple occupancy rates are available. Services will be English with the warmest of fellowship before and after services.

A visit to this tropical island—where food is delicious, sight seeing phenomenal and the brethren are gracious, friendly and enthusiastically desirous to see the coming of God’s Kingdom—will be a Feast you’ll not soon forget!


Approximately 25-30 Indian brethren will be meeting at the beautiful Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Center in Agra, India, for the Feast this year. The hotel is an award winning five-star hotel in Agra, which blends the subtle Mughal architectural brilliance of India with modern amenities. Room rates are approximately US$160 per night, double occupancy, which includes three buffet meals per day. This will be the first Feast that many of the Indian brethren have ever kept together, and they are excited to share this Feast with brothers and sisters from around the world! Services will be primarily in English with translation into the Hindi language for some of the local brethren.

A visit to India will be a life-changing experience. As a developing nation it is a land of many contrasts. Agra is the home of the world famous Taj Mahal—one of the seven wonders of the world. A trip to India will leave you with an earnest desire to see God’s Kingdom come for the many poor and impoverished people you will see. But it will also be a spiritually uplifting experience to meet your brothers and sisters who seek to learn more about the plan of God and with all their hearts want to share this glorious truth and gospel of the Kingdom of God with their fellow countrymen.

If you are interested in celebrating the Feast with your Sri Lankan or Indian brothers and sisters please call David Schreiber at (507) 377-8151 or e-mail him at David_Schreiber@ucg.org for more information or to make hotel reservations in Sri Lanka or India.

If you want to travel internationally and you earnestly seek to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ in any of the international sites around the world, please refer to the 2011 Festival Planning Brochure for more information. You can make a difference by sharing your time, talent and love with brothers and sisters in international areas. And of course we seek and appreciate your earnest prayers for God’s blessing on all the Feasts around the world where He has chosen to place His name.


lewis.vanausdle's picture

Sri Lanka truly is a beautiful place to visit. Plus accommodations are so affordable once you get there that price is not an issue. The brethren are wonderful people and very much appreciate meeting other brethren from around the world. I only hope to be able to travel to India one day.

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