UCG Caribbean Coordinator Visits Trinidad

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Chuck Zimmerman, UCG coordinator for the Caribbean area, visited the Trinidad congregation for four days in July 2011.

The congregation in Trindad at Sabbath services.
The congregation in Trindad at Sabbath services.

Chuck Zimmerman, UCG coordinator for the Caribbean area, visited the Trinidad congregation for four days in July 2011. This was his first visit to the island of Trinidad, and he arrived on the afternoon of Thursday, July 21, on a direct flight from Miami, Florida. The following morning he was taken by  Dale Bissessar, a local deacon, on a quick tour of the capital city of Port-of-Spain and the west coast of the island. For lunch, he was able to sample a chicken roti, which is one of the popular local Indian delicacies.

Friday evening, Mr. Zimmerman had dinner at the home of Dale Bissessar, together with some of the members from the local congregation. Sabbath services were held at 10:00 a.m. the following Sabbath morning, and Mr. Zimmerman was able to meet and fellowship with the 25 local brethren in attendance. He gave a sermon on spiritual discernment. The sermonette was given by Mr. Bissessar. The congregation was also treated to special music by the church choir and an instrumental song on the recorder by Rachael DeLorme, accompanied by Gwendoline Clement. After services, finger foods were served, and this was followed by a Bible study conducted by Mr. Zimmerman.

The next day, Sunday, a social activity was held at the home of Scipio DeLorme, one of the local members who lives on the North coast of Trinidad in a village called Las Cuevas. Members assembled at his home and had lunch, which was prepared by the ladies in the church. After lunch, most of the brethren headed to the beach, which is just a short distance away. While some had a swim in the ocean, others played cricket on the beach. This activity allowed Mr. Zimmerman to get to know the local brethren better and also allowed them to ask him questions. Later in the evening, the brethren returned to their homes. Mr. Zimmerman returned to the United States early on Monday morning after a profitable visit.

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