Simple Unleavened Bread

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This recipe is quite easy. It can be used for Passover service or any time.


Prep time15 minutes


1 1⁄2Teaspoonolive oil


Add salt to flour and sift into bowl

Add butter and cut into bowl

Mix oil and water and add to bowl

Stir all ingredients

Knead dough lightly

Split dough in half and roll thin

Place on cookie sheet

Preheat to 350 degrees

Place in oven for 8-10 minutes

Let cool 5 minutes



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This is tha same recipe that my family used to prepare every year, for unleven bread feast .
We some times add some sugar or chop onion or smash garlic to get different flavor.


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1 taza de harina
½ cucharadita de sal
2 cucharadas de mantequilla temperatura ambiente
1/8 de cucharadita de mantequilla
1 ½ cucharaditas de aceite de oliva
¼ taza de agua
Agregue la sal a el harina y ciérnala en un bowl.
Agregue la mantequilla al bowl y córtela dentro
Del harina con la ayuda de un tenedor deben quedar
Pequeños grumos.
Haga un agujero al centro y agregue la
Mezcla del agua y aceite, revuelva todos los ingredientes
Incluso lo que se queda pegado en el bowl junte todo
Necesita obtener una masa suave.
Divida la masa en dos y estírela con el rodillo sobre una
Mesada previamente enharinada una tortilla delgada
Coloque la En la bandeja para hacer galletas
Y llévela al horno
A 350Fo. De 8 a 10 minutos.
Luego déjela enfriar unos 5 minutos y esta listo para servir
Y disfrutar unos simples panes sin levadura.

da 4 servicios
15 minutos de preparacion.

Larry Hardison

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This is the same recipe as "Mrs. Armstrong's Passover Bread" from "Savoring the Sabbaths" cookbook, p380.

Prep time from mixing water with flour to oven should not exceed 18 minutes.

We use 100% whole wheat flour, as Christ was 100% whole unlike denatured and bleached white flour.

If making for Passover, be sure all utensils and work surfaces are cleaned after each batch to avoid naturally occuring yeasts.


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Thanks for this recipe. Awesome post.


warriorofchrist's picture

Thanks for this recipe. Awesome post.

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