Unleavened Desserts

During the seven-day Feast of Unleavened Bread, God commands us to symbolize putting sin out of our lives by putting leavening out of our homes. At the same time He tells us to picture putting the righteousness of Jesus Christ into our lives by eating unleavened bread every day of the festival (Leviticus 23:6).

Unleavened desserts don't have to be bland and boring. Check out these delicious leaven-free recipes that you can enjoy anytime you have a sweet tooth. If you have any unleavened recipes that you don't see here, please submit them to be added.

Unleavened Desserts

Newest Unleavened Desserts

Unleavened and tastes just like an eclair

Preptime - 45 minutes | 0 comments |

A sweet little treat that's easy to make, hard to resist

Preptime - 20 minutes | 1 comments | Rating: 3.333335/5

Fresh apple or pear hidden under a large, baked pancake.

Preptime - 30 minutes | 1 comments |

Dense, moist and delicious oatmeal/coconut cake.

Preptime - 10 minutes | 0 comments |

A chocolaty rich dessert with a healthy twist.

Preptime - 360 minutes | 0 comments |

An easy and delicious unleavened and gluten free cookie.

Preptime - 20 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 1/5

Highest Rated


Preptime - 5 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 5/5

If you like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, you will love these cookies!

Preptime - 30 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 5/5

Creamy, sweet raspberry cheesecake atop a light, crispy crust.

Preptime - 90 minutes | 1 comments | Rating: 5/5

Enjoyable cake goes great with a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk.

Preptime - 20 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 5/5

Creamy cheesecake with the warm flavor of maple syrup.

Preptime - 45 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 5/5

Delicious nutty cookies rolled in powdered sugar.

Preptime - 30 minutes | 0 comments | Rating: 5/5

Look for Leavening

During Unleavened Bread we are to have no leaven or leavened products in our home (Exodus:12:15; Exodus:12:19; Exodus:13:7).

Leaven is a food additive, which causes bread or bread products to rise. The apostle Paul used this property of leaven to teach Christians that a "puffed up" attitude is sin (compare 1 Corinthians:5:2 with 1 Corinthians:5:6-7).

Leaven includes yeast, a biological leavening agent that produces fermentation, and chemical leavening agents such as baking powder, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and potassium bicarbonate.

Items such as bread, cake, crackers, cookies and prepared cereals and pies that contain leavening must be put out. Doing this is symbolic of putting both the visible and hidden sins out of our lives.

Homemade cream puffs, angel food cake, popovers and sponge cake, while light and fluffy, need not contain any of the above ingredients. Most pie crust recipes (except for graham cracker crusts) are unleavened. However, these products, when purchased from stores or bakeries, frequently do include leavening. Check the ingredient list.

Even though pita bread, flour tortillas and graham crackers are flat, they do contain leavening. Even some brands of matzos marked "kosher for Passover" can also list baking soda or baking powder in the ingredients! So be careful.

Although the following ingredients are associated with leavening products; they are not, by themselves, leavening agents: brewer's yeast, yeast extract (a flavoring), cornstarch and cream of tartar (a dry acid). Cream of tartar, being an acid, merely neutralizes the alkaline nature of baking soda and does not, by itself, cause dough to rise.

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