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The Key to A Fulfilling Life

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Marriage: The Key to A Fulfilling Life

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As Christians, we need to deepen our intimacy and our longterm relationship with the family of God. By studying the example of marriage given to us by God, let's discover how we can learn more about our personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

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  • CindyThomasina
    I really enjoyed this message and gained from it much valuable information! I like how you explained our relationship with God and Christ and the future marriage, from a romance angle. I find that I can really connect with the romantic side of our spiritual relationship and future marriage to Christ. I find personally that by adding romance and intimacy to the picture and explaination, a warmer connection of the heart is made. This actually is the first message I have heard on this subject, explained from that particular view. I like that you included, God and Christ are crazy about each other and that they are the creators of romance. To me it seems that people tend to view romance as a shallow and passing thing--for the movies, for the novels, for the young--not to be taken too seriously. However, I think romance adds warmth and helps to stir up zeal in relationships and our lives. It's a part of the image of God, which we were created in--a part of who we are and who we are to become. Life is serious and difficult, and Satan smothers us and this world with negativity and darkness; romance creates light and hope, and can lift the spirit to soaring heights. Thank you for sharing this inspiring message! I hope to hear more like it!
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