Bible resources related to "adultery"

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The Corruption of Good Habits
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A blog post by Darris McNeely
Living in Sin Costs

A woman in England was cut out of her grandmother's will because she was living without the benefit of marriage for a year and a half. The Telegraph reports Caroline Barrett lost out on her share of a 220,000 pound estate because her staunch Catholic grandmother, Bridget Murray, objected to the modern practice of people living together without marriage. A judge refused to overturn the intent of the lady, expressed in her will, even though attitudes about such matters have radically changed. Leaving the matter at the will of the deceased the judge in the case commented, "It was a matter for Mrs Murray how she divided her estate even if, on one view, it might not have been particularly fair, or even capricious."

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Friends With Benefits What's the Problem?
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A Life Without Regrets?
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