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Each morning I read the Jordan Times in English. It is my main print news connection here in Jordan. The paper reflects a pride in the kingdom and the efforts of  King Abdullah to raise the living standards of Jordanians. A recent Pew Research poll also shows a decline in the number of Jordanians who support suicide bombings and work of Al Queada. The hotel bombings of two years ago turned many against the idea of suicide attacks upon innocent civilians. Quite a positive development.

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A blog post by Darris McNeely
We arrived in Amman late afternoon Wednesday and were transferred to our hotel, Le Meridien. The streets were nearly vacant as the sun was setting on another day of Ramadan. Jordanian Muslims were in their homes and restaurants ready to break their fast. This is a unique sight because the streets of Amman are normally busy with heavy traffic. Amman is a progressive Arab capital and I can see new construction going on.

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A blog post by Darris McNeely

We leave in few minutes for the airport. We'll fly to JFK in New York and then board a flight tonight for Amman, Jordan. We'll meet up with 90+ fellow travelers in New York.

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A blog post by Darris McNeely

Israel Defense ForcesGood News Managing Editor Scott Ashley and I have just finished a fast five day tour of many sites in the State of Israel. We had been on two extended tours of Egypt and Israel following our observance of the Feast of Tabernacles in Amman, Jordan. It has been an enlightening and exciting visit to this land designated by God as the setting to record His great plan for human salvation.

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