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A blog post by Darris McNeely

Recent revelations that China destroyed an old weather satellite 500 miles above the earth has sent shock waves through the American military establishment. This test clearly shows China's ability to challenge America's long held power in space. It is another rebuttal to the idea that China's rise to power on the world stage is benign.

Today's Wall Street Journal (sub req) said this:

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A blog post by Darris McNeely

Chavez is on a world tour that has taken him to Belarus and Russia, Before it's over he will also visit Iran and Vietnam and Qatar.

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A blog post by Darris McNeely

Wang Dan a Chinese student leader in the 1989 Tianamen Square rallies has a comment in today's Financial Times. Citing Europe's historic stand for human rights and his admiration of Locke and Rousseau he argues there has not been sufficient human rights reform to warrant lifting the ban on arms sales. Many participants in the protests are still in jail or denied re-entry to China.

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A blog post by Darris McNeely

Europe intends to sell arms to China by this summer and the Senate threatens to stop selling Europe technology. Senators met yesterday with President Bush and confirmed this likely scenario.

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