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A blog post by Steven Britt

Hannah endured years of harsh ridicule over her barrenness before being blessed with a child. Last time, I analyzed her attitude towards God as her rival provoked her during the yearly trips to give offerings at the tabernacle. Though Penninah transformed these joyous occassions into an altogether unpleasant experience for Hannah, she resolved not to let her lack of blessings stop her from being thankful to God during these times. In this blog post, I'll examine her attitude in asking God for a child to put an end to this oppression.

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A blog post by Steven Britt

Hannah was the mother of Samuel - one of Israel's greatest prophets - and his birth was a direct answer to her prayers. With Thanksgiving approaching, let's consider her story as a case study on the proper attitude and spirit of thankfulness. In this first post, I'll analyze Hannah's condition and mindset prior to Samuel's birth.

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