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A blog post by Victor Kubik

If you're like me, it's altogether too easy to allow distractions. If I'm not focused, my mind can wander. How do we avoid that and offer up powerful prayers that "avail much"? (James 5:16).

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A blog post by Victor Kubik
Hands clasped onto of a Bible as if person is praying.

Ever talk with God? Did He answer? The Bible references prayer more than 600 times, confirming its critical importance. Simply put, prayer represents the very spiritual lifeblood of the relationship we have with God. It's the main way we communicate with both our all-powerful Father in heaven and with Jesus Christ, our Advocate. Through many examples, the Bible shows how prayer is the miraculous medium directly connecting physical man to God, who is Spirit (John 4:24). Through prayer we can express our gratitude, praise, thoughts and needs to God.

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