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Good News Radio

Good News Radio was hosted by Gary Petty and ran from 2000-2009. Gary recorded 120 programs that were aired in 57 cities across the United States.

Welcome to the Good News program, presented by the publishers of the Good News magazine. The Good News doesn’t try to cover-up today’s problems. This is a program that dares to look at today’s dilemmas and ask the questions that must be asked. It seeks the answers that must be found—answers that can only be discovered from the pages of your Bible. Please join Gary Petty for a discussion of today’s Good News subject. 

  • by Gary Petty

Is there a logical and moral solution to the gay rights battle?

  • by Gary Petty

Hiding from potential tragedy has never stopped it from happening. As...

  • by Gary Petty

Humanities most important question—Does God exist? Is there a Creator? Can...

  • by Gary Petty

How do you define success? What is the American dream? Is there something...