Chains That Bind Us

September 11, 2012

Gulliver’s Travels is a book in which a giant was held helpless by the use of many small threads.

We all have some chains that bind us—some areas in life where we may have failed and then hesitated to try again. The less we try to do, the less we feel hindered by chains. People who do not move at all do not notice the chains that bind them. Not noticing those chains leads to complacency and not correcting problems that we have.

Jesus warned about those who would not overcome their hindrances or chains (Revelation 2, 3). Somewhere in life we may try to move only to find that the chains we never noticed are holding us back and preventing useful actions. Such was the case of the young man who wanted eternal life, but Jesus pointed out his chains (Mark:10:21- 22).


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Thanks Mr. Weber.

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