Fighting Is Honorable

October 23, 2012

Mankind has been offered a choice between war and shame, honor and disgrace, misery and happiness.

Satan designed the path toward shame, disgrace and misery by offering physical, temporary joys that are an illusion of any lasting happiness. God designed the path to honor and happiness that requires mankind to be at war (2 Corinthians:10:3). We sometimes cannot understand that our choices may seem right, when they only reflect our weakness and unwillingness to make the right choices. We must not compromise with evil, but we do when we are weak.

Winston Churchill noted that England was offered a choice between war and shame—and chose shame. However, what she got was war. He was referring to the visit to Hitler by the prime minister before the war. He proclaimed that Germany was not preparing for war. When we choose the easiest path that seems to be the one most travelled and therefore the "right one," we will never achieve peace, success and true happiness. Our war that lies before us is a spiritual one that must be fought without hesitation or fear. Fighting that war against Satan is honorable.


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And sometimes when we feel tired then the only way to continue fighting is seeking the protection of our LORD, wearing HIS armor!


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My youngest daughter is a senior in high school and is constantly dealing with bullies... I am constantly reminding her to ignore the ignorance of others as they are just showing how unhappy they are with their own lives... I tell her to just continue to be herself NO MATTER how unhappy they are trying to make her and to just TRY and share her beautiful smile with them... ALWAYS reminding her WWJD (What would Jesus do) in this situation??? He would not have a cross word for them, he would smile and be pleasant... This is what He expects us to do, and This is what I expect her to do and how I expect her to react... Sure it may make the bullies mad, but it also proves a point sometimes - the old adage can be fruitful "You CAN attract more flies with sugar than with vinegar..." or "Kill them with kindness and make them see the error of their ways..." I don't really like the last one, but it serves it's purpose... It's not really the person we are "killing" it is more so the bad behavior or undesirable behavior that is being "killed" or done away with... That is how I explained it to my daughter when I told her the old adage... She understood because of how my children were raised...

Speaking of bullying, wars, and behavior... Do they not all tie in together??? Wars are started, by my analytical reasoning, by nothing more than ADULT BULLIES... One countries leader can not solve its problems with a DIFFERENT countries leader by talking, compromise, and good old fashioned analytical reasoning so he makes threats, fluffs his feathers, struts around honking his horns, and showing his might by making statements "My army can kick your armies butt... I have more guns than you do, so do you REALLY want to go there???" Or whatever they say to show force and their "might" - WHATEVER, it is NOTHING MORE THAN BULLYING in adult form and fashion!!! Then there are parents like ME sitting back on their couches TRYING DESPERATELY to teach their children to live like Jehovah God and Jesus expect us to wondering where they get the idea that bullying is okay because they SURELY DIDN'T get the idea from US!!! It is plainly ridiculous!!!

Aaron Booth

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Someone recently asked on one of our Facebook pages if the Bible says anything about bullying. This is what I replied with. Maybe it will be helpful for you and your daughter...

Here is a scripture that comes to mind:
Romans:12:20 - "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head."

Here are some articles that are available on the website that might be helpful as well.

Surviving the Bullies: A Story of Answered Prayer

What You Need to Know About School Bullies

The Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness: From the Heart to the Helping Hand

All the best,
Aaron Booth
Internet Manager -

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