Government for the People

November 8, 2012

What a joyful land we would live in if the government had the sole objective of doing good for the people.

The true end or goal of government should not be to exercise restraint on the people—it should be to do good. The citizens would so greatly rejoice in such a state that they would support the government with all their hearts. They would know that laws are merely regulations on how to do things for the benefit of all and for the well-being of the state. They would know that the governors love the people and are constantly trying to improve the life of the citizens.

That will be the government Jesus Christ installs upon His arrival on earth. All nations will gladly and joyfully look to Him for guidance, blessings and laws that are good and beneficial for everyone (Galatians:3:8). Humans yearn for that fulfillment. That is why democracy has been defined as government "for the people and by the people." What if that was so? In our ever faltering world and society, we realize the reality of our failure, and perhaps that realization will help us yearn for the government that is to come—the one that truly is for the people.


KARS's picture

Thus we pray, "Thy Kingdom Come".


Nelson's picture

All our prayers and all our hope as Christians is the fulfillment of that promise it's coming !

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