Killing Yourself

November 22, 2012

Maya Angelou said, "Bitterness is like cancer, it eats up the host." There is truth in those words.

Cancer lives off the host and in the end kills the host—thereby killing itself. What an illogical thing to do! Why would we allow anything to continue within ourselves and feed that thing until it kills us? Bitterness is one mindset that is destructive to the self (Hebrews:12:15). There are other thought patterns that are also detrimental to ourselves—and for some reason we seem to revel in those, too.

Pride, vanity, bitterness, envy and the thirst for power are some of the works of the flesh that consume our time and finally take our lives. God wondered about the nation of Israel—why would they choose death just to have their own way (Ezekiel:18:31)? All of God's admonitions are given to promote life. Choosing any other way is the well-travelled road to death (Matthew:7:13). Life ends soon enough without out hastening that day. Fight those cancers.

Miss Periwinkle

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Just like anger can consume you like an out of control fire, bitterness is a festering demon that eats away at you. I think that forgiveness is the salve Jesus Christ taught and is the answer to heal all dis-ease. Forgiveness of others but especially ourselves. I think to hang onto these self destructive emotions is an act of selfishness, as its ripple effect makes the whole world on an energetic level suffer with the troubled person. A desire to let go and heal and allow God back into your life, and therefore heal all of humanity is a selfless act and is what God has intended for us all to learn to do to become more like him. Then you have taken one step closer to becoming your Truth and helping others become closer to becoming closer to God as well. It is such a feeling of lightness and relief to just let go and let God, when it comes to deciding to forgive and stop being bitter or angry.

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