December 4, 2012

There are some qualities within people that go hand in hand with other qualities, and there are some qualities that stand alone.

Things like bitterness and envy walk hand in hand with those sharing the same clothesline. Neighbors that listen to our woes and despair—those who share the attacks on the "unfairness" of life or of people are the gossip-driven ones who share the same clothesline. Envy and hatred walk hand in hand with slander and false rumors (James:4:1-3).

Forgiveness is the high road, and the one less travelled because it takes the qualities of humility, gentleness, love for others and being generous. Those qualities find few neighbors. God looks about on the world to see if there are any wise and humble people. He finds only a few and their neighbors are far away.


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God sees all. Most have heard that or something like it. But a lot act like it's not really true. Those who've done wrong will be faced with the undeniable evidence from the great judge of us all in time. They will have nothing to say and no excuses at that time. For now they lie and put on false persona. But that will end in time.

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