Pure Motives

April 3, 2012

Some people are committed to helping others and doing good to a degree that we marvel at.

They seek no financial gain it seems and have no other motive than simply wanting others to be happy and being of service to them. The chances are good that we will resolve to be helpful to others too. We have experienced many people who will do something that looks generous and kind—only to find out that there was a motive behind it. Sometimes it is just good to have a track record of serving the needy if you aspire to be a politician.

We are suspicious when we meet an altruistic person. Somehow it is just too good to be true. But we are also drawn to such a person. We may be looking for faults, but in time, we can admit this person has pure motives. If you know such a person, no doubt you respect them. There is no greater example than the life of Jesus Christ. He gave of Himself expecting nothing in return, but hoping that we could see how great His gift is. It is hard to believe, but there has not been any room left for doubt. He existed, and He did what the Bible said He did. We can begin to be like Him and give freely (Matthew:10:8).


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I like this article. I have left social blogs and networking for the time being. There is much outdoor activity at this time in my life. Just like the farmer has much to do for the growing seasons, so do I. Have a blest spring Holy days and Passover.

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