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September 4, 2012

Without the proper amount of self-esteem, we have problems relating to others and acting with confidence in almost any area of life.

Self-esteem grows when we do something—almost anything. Just by trying and by being there is the sunshine and fertilizer that help self-esteem grow. It is about doing.

The writer of Ecclesiastes advises us to do whatever we set out to do, do it with all of our might (Ecclesiastes:9:10). That attitude gets us involved in all that happens about us. It develops our talents and abilities and gives successes that are satisfying and lead to even more activity. We are to “grow” our self-esteem and be fruitful in all we do. The better that we develop, the more God asks of us and prunes the tree to that even more growth is possible (Colossians:1:10). He wants to be well pleased with His children.

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