Jelly Learns Courage and Faith


A game of hide and seek quickly turns into a test of Jelly's courage and faith.


MP3 Audio: Courage and Faith

MP3 Instrumental: Courage and Faith


Sheet Music: Courage and Faith

About Jelly Learns Courage and Faith



Courage and faith, courage and faith,

God will give you courage and faith,

Living God's way is the best for you

But troubles will come, and when they do

Ask for courage and faith, courage and faith,

All God's children need courage and faith

Stand with all your might

Do the thing that's right

And Courage and Faith will come to you.

Verse 1:

Think about David, standing all alone

God gave him strength and he guided the stone.

Think about Daniel in the lions' den.

God gave him courage and brought him out again.


Verse 2:

Think about Noah, building a boat

God saved his family and kept them all afloat

Think of Shadrach and Meshach and Abednago

They stood up to the king, and he had to let them go.


Verse 3:

Think about Deborah, leading the host

God gave her courage when she needed it the most

Think about Mary, lovely and young

God gave her faith to be the mother of his son.


Stand with all your might,

Do the thing that’s right,

And courage and faith will come to you.



rhondadig's picture

Love it, love it, love it! You all did a wonderful job! Thank you!


jonathanjmagee's picture

Thanks to everyone who helped behind the scenes! Mitch Moss, Mr. Steve Myers, Kayleen Hannaway, Laura Phelps, Mrs. Michelson & the guy from AAA! You all were all a great help! Thanks!


KARS's picture

This was cute and funny. I enjoyed it very much. Great Job you guys and thanks for a new song to learn.


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