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Steve Myers

Steve Myers

Beyond Today Presenter, United Church of God Pastor





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Steve grew up as the middle child in a close knit musical family from the Midwest. His father was a big band leader and mother loved to sing. She encouraged him often by saying "you can do anything you want with God's help". His enjoyment of music increased as he earned a degree in music education. He not only performed around the country but also served with the USO around the world.

Eventually God began to draw him into His Church. He went back to college, earned a theology degree and in the process met his wife Kathe. Together they have dedicated their lives to God’s way.

Steve's passion is serving the Church and has been a minister for over 20 years, pastoring congregations from Minnesota to Louisiana. Kathe often works with children’s choirs as Steve conducts the adults and produces musical recordings with his brothers. Additionally he is an instructor at Ambassador Bible College as well as a host on the Beyond Today television program.

The Myers also enjoy time with their three children. Whether it's boating, horses, or volunteering at church summer camps, family is a premium.