A Secret to Success

If you want to learn one of the secrets of success, go to the ant.

Could you learn anything about life from an insect?

Solomon, the wisest king of antiquity, wrote, "Go to the ant, consider her ways and be wise." (Proverbs:6:6)

Why the lowly ant?  Solomon writes, "…having no captain or ruler, [she] provides her supplies for the summer, and gathers her food for the harvest."  In other words, the ant prepares for the future. 

Unfortunately, many human beings expect future success to happen by accident.  Young people drop out of school because they see no purpose in history or mathematics only to find themselves trapped in a dead end job because of a lack of education. 

All success is a result of preparation for success. Staying in school, learning geography and science, is practice for success in adult life.  The harder you work in school, the more equipped you will be for future success. 

If you want to learn one of the secrets of success, go to the ant.

For GN Magazine, I'm Gary Petty.

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