The Man Who Will Be King

Jesus Christ is returning to Jerusalem, not as a baby in the manger, but as King of Kings.

Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King" is the tale of two 19th century British soldiers who decide to journey into remote mountains of India and set themselves up as kings. 

They take over a small tribe, teach them how to use firearms, and precede to conquer all neighboring tribes.   Eventually, the mountain people begin to look on the two as gods. 

It works until one of them has amorous feelings towards a local girl.  This leads their subjects to decide that their rulers really aren't gods.  One king is killed, the other tortured.  He lives just long enough to escape and tell his story. 

This is the story of tribes, countries and empires since the beginning of time.  Humanity needs government, laws, and leadership for the common good.   Human beings also tend to become corrupted by the power of government.  The problem with human government is human nature.  

Jesus of Nazareth is the biblically prophesied Messiah.  He is returning to Jerusalem, not as a baby in the manger, but as King of Kings.  Only then will all humanity experience peace and prosperity.  Christians live in anticipation of that day.   

For GN Magazine, I'm Gary Petty.

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