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  1. Appendix 9: The Lion and the Unicorn | United Church of God

    Heraldic imagery. For at the height of Ephraim’s (that is, Britain’s) power, Britain was subject to the royal line of David. Even a number of the presidents of the United States have come from that same lineage. No wonder, then, that God portrays Israel’s end-time national power in terms of a lion ( Micah 5:8-9 ).

  2. Israel: A Nation in Constant Peril | United Church of God

    Israel: A Nation in Constant Peril Israel, a small democratic nation about the size of New Jersey, is virtually surrounded by 22 Islamic nations, some of which have regularly called for its total demise.

  3. Bible Prophecy and You: Where Are the United States and ...

    This is a big subject. For a more complete explanation and historical overview, we encourage you to read our in-depth study guide The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy. Here we can only cover the basics. The story begins with God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

  4. The Tribe Tracker's Guide to the Future | United Church of God

    The first key in tribe tracking is prophecy. A prime example from the time of Jacob (also called Israel) describes the ancestors of the American and the British nations. Many know the story of Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Israel, who was betrayed and sold by his brothers into Egyptian slavery.

  5. The Exodus Plagues: Judgment on Egypt’s Gods | United ...

    In the story of Israel’s Exodus from slavery in Egypt, God sent devastating plagues on the Egyptians. And there’s much more to these plagues than you probably realize! The Exodus Plagues: Judgment on Egypt’s Gods | United Church of God

  6. Financial Crisis Crushing Britain | United Church of God

    Even after World War II, when the United States replaced Britain as the world’s major power center, the British pound was the alternate reserve currency, used in international trade. The sterling era continued for 25 years.

  7. Israel: God's Temporal Kingdom | United Church of God

    David is the king who will rule over Israel after its restoration under the Messiah after His return to earth ( Ezekiel 37:21-24 ). David’s rule, of course, can occur only after God resurrects David with all the other saints at the return of Christ.

  8. Israel’s Victorious Six-Day War: Foundation for Fulfilling ...

    Fifty years ago on Monday morning, June 5, 1967, Israel launched a preemptive air attack against coalition of three Arab nations. explains what led to the conflict: “Increased tensions and skirmishes along Israel’s northern border with Syria were the immediate cause of the third Arab-Israeli war.

  9. The Feast of Trumpets Proves Christ Did Not "fulfill" the ...

    Christ said, “ Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill… one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.”Some have taken this to mean that Christ “fulfilled” the law during His lifetime, causing it to “pass away,” and, as a result, Christians today are not required to observe God’s law.

  10. Congregations | United Church of God

    We Preach God’s redemptive Word every week in our friendly Sabbath services, host regional seminars about God’s coming Kingdom, and sponsor an international media presence on television and the Internet with Beyond Today television, our Bible study tools and our bi-monthly magazine.