A Biblical Worldview: What Vivek Said Was Right

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A Biblical Worldview

What Vivek Said Was Right

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A Biblical Worldview: What Vivek Said Was Right

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In this thought-provoking video, United Church of God President Rick Shabi responds to a comment by former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy regarding the shift in global dynamics. The discussion revolves around the erosion of personal freedoms, a move towards a centralized decision-making structure by an elite few, and the potential consequences for society.

Drawing parallels to historical periods and referencing biblical prophecies, Rick Shabi expresses concern about a looming global catastrophe, the rise of a powerful government, and the suppression of individual freedoms. The video emphasizes the importance of discerning the truth, warns of potential societal changes, and concludes with a call to repentance and turning towards a biblical worldview for hope in challenging times. 

Watch to gain insights into biblical views on the future and the role of faith in navigating uncertain time.


[Rick Shabi] Once in a while you hear a comment and you know you have to respond. That’s happened a few times to me a few times recently, so when I read a comment on X by former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, I knew it was time to respond. 

Here’s what he said:

“The kings in Old World Europe believed we couldn’t be trusted to govern ourselves & it was up to enlightened elites in palace halls to decide what was right. That ugly monster now rears its head again. This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican fight. It’s an Old World vs New World battle.”

Mr. Ramaswamy is right. Things are completely different in the world today. It’s as if COVID changed everything, and it seems like there is a race to bring total change to the order of the world, and to bring everyone under one way of thinking.

During and since COVID, globalization has been the theme among world leaders and institutions. The world seems to be moving in a direction where a select group of people, who think of themselves as elites, will make decisions and formulate policies that will affect all of us—the way we live, what we own, what medical treatments we have to take, even what we eat. You’ve heard about how bad cattle are for the environment and how humans (at least a certain class of humans) can eat bugs.

Mr Ramaswamy makes a very astute observation when he says it’s not about Republicans or Democrats in the United States. He’s right.  It is about a whole change in our governmental system that is being devised.

No one can deny that in America and Canada, and around the world, things have happened that make no sense. Somehow we’ve moved into a time where the so-called “ruling party” thinks they have the right to tell everyone what  “truth” is and the discussion is supposed to stop right there.  Just accept what is said.

If you don’t agree, you may be called  names, accused of something, or can be “cancelled.”  It’s no longer about finding “THE TRUTH” -- it’s about “their truth” and what you are told you must believe or just shut up.

Ask yourself, what is going on here?

Things have never been like this before.. That’s not what America and Canada and Britain and Australia have ever been about. We were founded on freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to search for “the truth” and make our own choices in life, without reprisal from everyone.

But somehow, subtly, slowly we are moving away from that type society.

A government like the Middle Ages and Old War Europe is beginning to rear its “ugly head” again. Some desire that control and that power to tell you how to live, what to believe, and what you will do.

It’s  the monarchy, tyrannical, dictatorial, authoritative society like people lived in and rejected hundreds of years ago.

If you haven’t watched movies that depict this time, or read history for a while, go back and see how the masses lived. It’s not at all the type of world you want to live in.

That time is coming, but what is coming is much, much worse than what people lived like in Old War Europe and the savagery of the Middle Ages.   

We know that because the Bible speaks of the time when an “ugly head” will rise up, just before Jesus Christ returns to this earth.

There is a prophesied time when a catastrophic global event will plunge the entire world into a state of hopelessness, chaos, poverty, and despair. Global economies collapse and everything falls apart. Literally everything.   

It will be obvious that mankind and his policies have made a mess of things. Globalization, sharing the wealth, consolidating power among a few, and the manipulation of economies where money is printed like toilet paper, will all fail at once. It will be a catastrophe unlike anything the world has ever seen before. It can happen now because we are globally intertwined. Mr Ramaswamy sees the trends, and even leading economists see the time coming when the fake economies we have today will come crashing down.

Out of this mess and chaos and hopelessness, the Bible tells us that a literal king – a mighty, powerful government appears, almost out of nowhere. He has the resources and power to “rescue” the world from the state it is in.

It won’t be the United States or Britain, because they will have fallen with the rest of the world. Democracy and freedoms and the way of life we have lived will be replaced by a new world order that looks very much like the Old World kings and autocracy.

But it will be much worse.

Under this system, the elites think they will benefit immensely, while the common person will just be subjugated and controlled – their every move will be dictated.

This superpower emerges, situated north of the Mediterranean Sea the Bible tells us. It will be mighty, it will be powerful, it will be cruel, it will crush people. It will be different than any government on this earth today, with a different set of laws, morals, and principles that you will have to obey. 

In Revelation 13, the Bible says in Revelation 13 that “the whole world” will worship that king and that government and the religion he will impose, saying, “Who is like this? Who is able to make war with him?” Open your Bible and read Revelation 13 for yourself. That world , that reality will come before Christ returns.   

That world and that king, who will dictate your religion will worship a god that even “his fathers did not know.”  A new god, a new idol that people will be forced to bow down to and worship. If you don’t, the Bible tells us that you will not be able to “buy or sell.” 

In an age where digital currency is now being set up around the world, you can see that time coming. It’s here. If you disagree with the king or one of his lords, all it takes is the push of a button and all your financial resources will be gone.

You will obey, or you will starve or be killed.

Christianity will be outlawed in that society. If you are a Christian, you will be an enemy of the state. 

Revelation 13 tells us that this king and government, and the global religion that he establishes will “blaspheme” God. He will hate God and it says he will literally “make war with the saints (those who follow God’s way) and overcome them. Rev 17:6 plainly says “I saw (this system) drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

Today, we see our society today moving further away from the Bible and God. They want to make their own rules, establish their own morals. That day of a foreign, pagan god and hating the God of the Bible is coming.  Read it for yourself in Revelation 13, Revelaton 17, and in Daniel 11:35-40.   

An awful time is coming. An evil empire with an evil spirit ruling it.

The Bible says that when people see what they have done to themselves, by their foolish moves and decisions, they will loathe themselves. Read it for yourself in Ezekiel 20:43

And Christ Himself talks of this coming time in harrowing words.  

In Matthew 24:21: For then there will be great tribulation, such has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

All this seems hopeless, doesn’t it? And if you stop and think, you see what is being talked about and planned in this world. This will happen.    

God’s words are sure, and you have been warned. This time is coming. It is absolutely certain, as God who knows all, says it will happen.

And Jesus Christ Himself, who came to earth to be our Savior, physically and spiritually, said those words plainly.

It may seem hopeless, but let me assure you there is hope.

But that hope is only in God and Jesus Christ who is the ONLY Savior of this world. There is hope, but it is only in Jesus Christ who is the only Savior of this world.

In Matthew 24:22, Christ says, “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved (alive), but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

Christ will return and save mankind from himself and the evil ways he pursues.

Christ will usher in a world where peace, harmony and joy will truly prevail in a way mankind has not ever known.

But, what do you now that you know these things? 

Christ gave us the answer in some of His first recorded words in the Bible: REPENT and turn to God and live the way of peace, joy, love, and contentment.

Repent does not mean just offering a short prayer like so many will tell you today. It means turning your life toward God and living by His principles, His ways.  

Do you know what those ways are? You might look in the Bible and see what Christ said we do if we follow Him. May be far different than what you have been taught over the years.

This world is going to fail, but God never will. There is hope in Him. Take some time today to ask Him to show you His ways so you can grow, and change and draw closer to Him in these difficult times. And look in your Bible and see that what I told you today is the truth. It is happening. It is real.

Before I end let me state for the record that this message is not espousing any support for any candidate running for office in America. It is simply giving you the biblical worldview and truth of what is going on in the world today what and is sure to come.