Beyond Today Magazine: July–August 2022

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  • by Beyond Today Editor
God made us male and female and gave mankind the institution of marriage. He also gave us an instruction manual for sex and marriage so that these might work as He designed to fulfill His purpose.
  • by Lewis VanAusdle
The battle for social change in the United States is increasingly taking place among vulnerable young people, especially in our public schools. And the stakes couldn’t be any higher.
  • by Darris McNeely
We face a serious revolution. Large numbers of young adults identify as LGBTQ. Schools are programming preteens to believe they can choose to be a boy or girl. Society is in a satanic battle against God Himself, marriage, the family, the natural order as God designed us and God’s plan for mankind. This battle is already in your home!
  • by Michael Kelley
Hollywood, government, politicians, academia, the mainstream media, corporate America and even the U.S. military are pushing alternative lifestyles as normal and even admirable and desirable. What they’re not telling us is the enormous toll of human suffering this brings. What is the truth?
  • by Robin Webber
Jesus’ first disciples left their lives as fishermen to follow Jesus. This commitment would be tested and renewed—an example to all of us.
  • by Beyond Today Editor
God created human beings male and female so that we might enjoy a loving sexual relationship in marriage leading to families. But what is the spiritual significance and purpose God has in mind?