Beyond Today Magazine: March–April 2021

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  • by Tom Robinson
The world is broken. The system doesn’t work. We’re in trouble. Big change is needed at the top and within. The annual biblical Passover observance reminds us that Jesus gave His life for this purpose, looking forward to the world’s deliverance through the Kingdom He will bring.
  • by Victor Kubik
Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God is what He lived for. But it’s also what He died for, having revealed Himself as King—a King who will reign!
  • by Darris McNeely
It’s the critical question of the moment. The world’s leading nation is in mortal danger. Still powerful, still capable of great and noble deeds, but under attack—its future in question. The handwriting is on the wall. What should you understand about the future of the United States?
  • by Michael Kelley
Few people are aware of the great unseen spiritual battle taking place throughout the world. Fewer still realize that the main battlefield is within their minds!
  • by Scott Ashley
Who exactly was Jesus Christ? What was His mission and purpose in coming to earth? Nothing could be more important in your life than understanding the astounding answer to these questions!
  • by Scott Ashley
Jesus Christ said He would be entombed for three days and three nights. Can this be reconciled with a “Good Friday” crucifixion and burial and an “Easter Sunday” resurrection? Or do the Gospels spell out a surprising, simpler solution that fits perfectly with what Jesus foretold?