Letters From Our Readers: January/February 2017

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Letters From Our Readers

January/February 2017

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Letters From Our Readers: January/February 2017

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“Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?” best historical proof

I just read your article “Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?” in the November-December issue, and it is the best historical proof of Jesus’ existence and the accuracy of the books of the Bible I have ever read. I am a realist, and proof suits me better than faith alone. I would like to receive three additional copies of this issue—one for my pastor, one to send to my brother who is a retired pastor and one to send to my step-daughter who is a church secretary.

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Response to “Do We Have Valid Testimony to the Life of Christ?”

Wow! I just read some facts about the crucifixion of Jesus, and I am astonished and amazed! I have long been feeling that everything I have been told and every doctrine I have been following has been untrue. I am now seeing that the truth has been distorted by mankind. I want to understand what God wants of me and how I can attain it. I want to know more about your ministry. Thank you.

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“Don’t You Know Christ Is in You?” inspired us deeply

Reading the article “Don’t You Know Christ Is in You?” inspired my husband and me deeply. It clearly explains that both the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are residing in the cleansed hearts and mind of believers by their Spirit. We are participators of the divine nature, and we are a new creation if we live in the Spirit and no longer in the flesh. We receive all we need to live a victorious life by the Spirit dwelling in us; it is not we who live, but it is Christ who lives in us.

Subscriber in Auckland, New Zealand


Inspired to learn about the biblical Holy Days

I’ve been a Christian my whole life, and like most Christians I celebrated Christmas and Easter and worshipped on Sunday. I’m new to learning about the Sabbath and the biblical festivals. How would someone like me keep these festivals? I have no church to attend where this is preached or to fellowship with other believers. I just feel alone, and I have a ton of questions. I study the Bible daily, and Google teachings so that really helps, but I wish I had other believers to worship with.

Reader in Oklahoma

Thank you so much for providing the dates for the seven annual festivals and Holy Days. Can you please provide details on how to celebrate each day, what is needed, what are we to do, etc.? I am new to Christianity, and very recently found out about God’s Holy Days, and wanted to know how to go about keeping each of the Holy Days. Thank you very much for your time, and God bless all of you.

From the Internet

We’re thrilled that you are excited to learn of God’s Sabbath and annual festivals. To find more information about them, including how to observe them and where to find a body of like-minded believers, search “how do Christians observe the biblical festivals” at ucg.org.

I thank the Almighty God for having directed me towards your website to learn more about the seventh-day Sabbath.

Reader in Uganda

Our pastor has just begun teaching about the Holy Days of God. A man who attends our church celebrates each of these days, and so we have started learning more about them. I have watched your Beyond Today program about the Feast of Tabernacles and found it very interesting and enlightening. Your booklet God’s Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind would be a great help to our congregation, because there are so many who don’t understand these days.

Reader in Texas


Thankful for Beyond Today television

I was injured by chemicals serving as a nurse in Vietnam, and now I can hardly move. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to find that Beyond Today is back on television in Australia! Your program is the one light in my life, and it has given me so much hope for the future. The three hosts are absolutely lovely, and the way they present God’s teachings is so refined, godly and simply beautiful. You can see that they put their whole hearts into it. Please pass my thanks on to others in your organization, and thank you so much for your wonderful magazine and booklets, too. May God bless you all.

Subscriber in New South Wales, Australia


Is Beyond Today published by a Christian organization?

I have been a subscriber for quite some time now and really enjoy reading Beyond Today, but one reader stated that your magazine is produced by a non-Christian organization. One of the reasons I subscribed is because I thought this was a Christian magazine. Could you please tell me if it is published by a non-Christian organization?

From the Internet

The United Church of God, an International Association, which publishes Beyond Today, is a Christian organization. We trace our origins to the Church that Jesus Christ founded in the early first century. Our ongoing commitment is to recapture and practice the true Christianity of Jesus and the apostles. We strive to follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices of the early Church.

Our efforts to preach the same gospel Christ taught include a large library of printed study guides made available free of charge and an accessible, informative website geared toward helping people develop a stronger relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Our unique history and work can be found in our booklets This Is the United Church of God and Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of God. You can find both publications on our website, ucg.org.


How to find a United Church of God congregation

I have been searching for a Christian church that has not mixed itself with any pagan practices. I would really love to come and visit one of your congregations. Are there any in Illinois? Thanks.

Reader in Illinois

Yes, we have a number of congregations in Illinois. Visit our website ucg.org/congregations to find the location nearest you.

I watch Beyond Today on Vision TV. Where can I find a United Church of God congregation near where I live? I know you keep the Sabbath and do not follow the traditions of men. Thank you very much.

Viewer in British Columbia, Canada

I love your teachings. They are similar to my church’s, but we worship on Sunday. I want to become a member—I have been reading your magazines and they are very encouraging.

From the Internet

I’m a believer in keeping the commandments of God, including the Sabbath. I’ve been looking for a church that worships on the Sabbath, and would like some information on the United Church of God. If it’s open to anyone, my wife and I would love to join, listen to the Word of God, and grow spiritually. Thank you.

From the Internet

We welcome anyone who wishes to worship with us in peace to join us for Sabbath services. We have congregations around the world. You can find the one nearest you on our website at ucg.org/congregations.

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