Letters From Our Readers: July/August 2016

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Letters From Our Readers

July/August 2016

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Letters From Our Readers: July/August 2016

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Thankful for Beyond Today magazine

My husband and I have been following you, studying with you and checking all your teachings out in the Word of God. We have started a small Bible study group where we teach what we are learning to others. What a shock after being lied to for all our lives and our family’s lives! We meet every Sabbath.

From the Internet

I am a longtime avid reader of the Beyond Today magazine and booklets. It is one of the best publications in this ever-confusing and troubling world. Thank you so very much.

Reader in Simbu, Papua New Guinea

I would like to thank the magazine for helping me understand more about the Word of God and about the real truth of God’s Word. It’s good to know that there are special people that God uses to help others. I really thank God for the United Church of God. I watch your Beyond Today program, and it’s helping me so very much.

Subscriber in Alabama

My husband and I want to thank you so very much for our first issue of Beyond Today! We are truly enjoying it! I was reading in it today and you wouldn’t believe how much it helped me! I also like the way it explains things because I need help in knowing exactly what Scripture means.

Subscriber in North Carolina

Beyond Today magazine is the most brilliant evangelistic magazine I have read for a long time. The articles are short and to the point, and cover the most important topics.

Reader in Australia

Thankful for publications

Thank you for providing such enlightening and comprehensive literature. I was raised without religion and, now in my 50s, I feel the void. I am reading the Bible for the first time, and your literature is wonderful in helping to read the message and the meaning, not just the words. I am receiving a much richer understanding with your help. Thank you so much.

Reader in Maryland

I’m one of those people who have read a study guide from your association.  I would just like to say thank you for your efforts and determination on writing your publications.  Thank you for letting God use you as a channel of blessings.  Your study guides really help a lot in the development of a Christian’s understanding about the Word of God. God bless you all. Please continue doing good deeds for God! 

Reader in Quezon City, Philippines

Enjoys Beyond Today television

I love Beyond Today. It’s just a straightforward show that reminds us of the importance of constant contact with God through discipline.

Viewer in Australia

Thank you very much for your ministry. When I moved in with my mother to care for her, I stopped going to church and began looking for Christian services on TV to substitute. I watched some and felt satisfied until I saw your program. I was amazed and excited to hear your message and to realize that I have been deceived about so much all my life.

Your programs have been such a blessing, and I am sharing as much as possible with my mom. She reads the literature I receive from you.

I am so grateful for your ministry and thank you for giving me the truth and informing me of how the current events and activities around the world are right out of prophecy. May God continue to bless you and be with us until Christ returns.

Viewer in Baltimore, Maryland

Looking for a congregation of worshipers

Your magazine really inspires my husband and me, and we are trying to tell everyone about the magazine. I no longer celebrate any of the pagan holidays that were programmed into me and which I always loved. For years we just carried on with those traditions, not paying attention to what the Bible really says by reading it for ourselves. I would appreciate you letting us know where we can go to church near us. I am not perfect, but I keep learning every day that the practices I thought were so important really mean nothing of value in the end.

Subscriber in Kentucky

We are reading through all your study guides, listening to your sermons and sermonettes and watching your service online. We too believe that we should obey all God’s commandments and teachings. But most churches do not obey them all, observing holidays that are pagan instead of the Holy Days that God commanded us to keep. We have a small gathering on the Sabbath, and we have been meeting for two years now. We would very much like to be a part of your gathering. Thank you for hearing us and helping us.

Readers in Maine

We invite readers who are in areas where we have no congregation to watch our weekly Sabbath services webcast at ucg.org/webcast. You may also wish to watch our midweek Bible study at ucg.org/beyond-today/webcast. To find the location of our congregation nearest you, go to ucg.org/congregations.

I am a Pakistani Christian keeping all of the Almighty’s commandments—the Ten Commandments, high Sabbaths, avoiding unclean meats, etc.—for the last two years. In Pakistan, sadly I have not come across any church or even a single soul that observes what the Almighty’s commands. So unfortunately I have no church to attend, and was wondering if you have any churches in Karachi, Pakistan. I pray that the Almighty would broaden your ministry to reach the lost sheep of Christ all over the world. I am keen to make a donation, but have no means to send you a gift from my country.

Reader in Pakistan

You can find the closest local congregation at ucg.org/congregations. As for a church in Pakistan, sadly we do not have one, but are thrilled that the gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching people all over the world and changing lives.

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