Letters From Our Readers: March–April 2018

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Letters From Our Readers

March–April 2018

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Letters From Our Readers: March–April 2018

MP3 Audio (3.93 MB)

When Respect Is Gone, Rebellion Prevails

Thanks for the reminder to pray for our leaders! Sometimes we just have to remember to pull back from this world and take a deep breath. Great article!

From the Internet


100 Years of Communism: The Failed Revolution

Thank you for the superb article on communism and the Soviet Union. Yours is a magazine full of information and its connection to the Bible.

Reader in England


Readers thankful for Beyond Today

I really am happy to receive your magazines and study guides. 

They are very informative and interesting. I always learn from them and they help me expand my limited understanding of the Scriptures. God bless you and all your workers for enlightening all of us who care to learn the truth of Scripture.

Reader in British Columbia

Thank you for continuing to explain the truth of God’s Word to the world. Your articles are well-researched, vitally interesting, and they expose the “present evil age” in which we live.

Reader in Manitoba

Thank you so much for sending my favorite magazine every two months. The articles are very interesting and I read every one. Please keep sending it to me. Thank you all God bless you all.

Reader in Ontario

When I receive Beyond Today, it’s one of the first things I read. I’m very happy to receive these magazines. They always contain some very interesting articles about the end time of this earth, which is a topic my wife and I spend a lot of time studying.

Subscriber in Denmark

Please renew my subscription to Beyond Today magazine. Your publications and periodic e-mails have been a source of inspiration and comfort, and help me to understand the relevance of the Bible in today’s world.

Subscriber in India

I must say that Beyond Today magazine is the very finest Christian magazine I have ever seen, both in content and appearance. Well done!

Reader in New Zealand

Would I sound melodramatic if I told you your booklets, reprint articles, Bible studies and magazine are revolutionizing my spirit and life in Christian truth? All my life I’ve felt close to God and instinctively knew I deeply needed Christ. But until your materials started putting the Bible together for me, I wasn’t living true to either. I have been through many philosophies, religions, spiritual movements and religious cults, but never felt relief from fear, nor had a systematic way of interpreting the Holy Bible. I treasure your materials and keep them at my bedside, close.

Subscriber in Arizona


Prisoner appreciates Beyond Today

I want to thank all of you at Beyond Today, especially the wonderful staff you have. Thanks for making sure I receive every one of my issues right on time. You are sure making a big difference here at the McConnell unit. I know for a fact because when I first started getting this wonderful magazine I was one of the few guys who was getting the magazine. Now that’s all I see—just about everyone is reading it. So thank God for your wonderful magazine. Thanks for the hard work, and let’s not forget the folks who are responsible in donating to make sure us guys in prison can have our subscriptions in here. Thank you all and God bless.

Subscriber in prison in Texas


Searching for church congregation

I attended the Catholic Church for many years before falling into the belief that it doesn’t matter if I attend church. I see now that I am commanded to join with other believers for worship. Is there a United Church of God near me? I am truly interested in finding out more of what God wants from me, and how I can better please Him.

From the Internet

I am in Nairobi, Kenya. Do you have a local congregation in Kenya? After studying your website, I believe the seventh-day Sabbath is the true day of worship according to God’s Word. Blessings to you.

Reader in Kenya

Thanks so much for the contact. We do have congregations in Kenya, and indeed in many places in the world. Interested readers can find a complete list at ucg.org/congregations.


Sending donations in thanks

Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine. I do enjoy the magazine and appreciate all you are doing to spread the gospel. Please find enclosed my small donation towards the good work you do. Thank you most sincerely.

Subscriber in Queensland, Australia