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While people ask this question, the real problem is that humanity has...

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  • by Heidi Braun
How we respond to others' words and actions can reveal a lot about our respect, including that for God.
  • by John LaBissoniere
As the cost of living escalates and crime intensifies, what can you do to aid your family? And where can you find lasting help, hope and stability in this time of turbulent change and uncertainty?

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JoEllen Clayton's picture JoEllen Clayton said:
I have always believed that the spirit is separate from the flesh and when we die our spirit returns to heaven because that is what I was taught. I was trying to make sense of...
6 days 18 hours ago in Counterfeit Christianity

Janet Treadway's picture Janet Treadway said:
You have no idea of the timing of your kindness. I am faced this week of saying good-bye to my Reuben of 17 years. I had totally forgot about this article until you sent your...
1 week 23 hours ago in Is It Okay to Grieve Over a Lost Pet?