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  • by Darris McNeely

The Bible tells us what is expected of all those who claim to follow Jesus...

  • by Darris McNeely

How exactly do we become a follower of Jesus? What does the Bible say?

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  • by Gary Petty
There are very real causes to the chaos we see in the world around us as well...

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Darris McNeely's picture Darris McNeely said:
Dear august mom...Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am afraid you miss the point. Fox News is not the deceiver. Revelation 12:9 tells us Satan is the one who...
2 days 4 hours ago in The Handwriting on the Wall

Katherine McCready's picture Katherine McCready said:
Please continue in your writings. I am in need of your example. Your articles on healing broken trust in a marriage have given me hope and motivation.
4 days 8 hours ago in Healing Broken Trust in Marriage, Part 4: Trauma’s Undercurrent