A Religious Revival in France?

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A Religious Revival in France?

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Christianity Today has an interesting article this month called "The French Reconnection" . It chronicles how evangelical groups are making some small success in propagating their faith in secular France. Here is a quote:

At the beginning of the 21st century, the postmodern French have deconstructed deconstructionism, seen through the utopia of socialism, and realized that wine and other sensual delights only go so far in filling what French philosopher Blaise Pascal described as the "God-shaped void." According to France Mission, an opinion poll conducted in March 2003 showed that 32 percent of those who call themselves Christians have recently returned to the faith. In 1994, only 13 percent said so.

Read the whole article for a little covered perspective on this part of Europe. Christ said the fields are "white for harvest". One wonders how many people He yet may have in France and other European nations?