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Interesting article this morning in USA Today. It quotes a survey by Baylor University that finds 55% of American adults believe they have been protected and watched over by their own guardian angel. This should not be a surprising finding. A majority of Americans feel themselves to be “spiritually minded” even if they do not regularly affiliate with an organized religious body. Most Americans believe their is a God even if they are not convicted to follow what He says. Looking at what this article says it shows the confusion people have about God and the Bible. The article says, “people’s sense of the divine is remarkably widespread and tangible, even if they don”t call it God.” A professor of psychology says when people think of being protected, “they may not be envisioning an angel with wings so much as a loved one who has gone before them and is looking after their well-being.” If that is the case then we are not talking about angels in the Biblical sense. Again, people are confused about what the Bible says on this and many other topics. Angels are a class of created spiritual beings whose primary function are to acts as agents of God in carrying out His plan for mankind. They also act as guardians for humans in many direct cases of intervention and protection. What the Bible does tell us about the work of angels is a fascinating story. More things are done in heaven and earth by angles then most would know. Our booklet Is There A Devil? goes into the dark side of the spirit world and touches on the subject of the unseen spirit world.