Anti-Semitism and A Sober Warning

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Anti-Semitism and A Sober Warning

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Arab A3trustmerticle on Arab hatred for Jews comes in the Financial Times of December 15. Headline "French Court Blocks way for Hizbollah TV".

al-Manar is a Beirut based satellite television station run by the Shia militant group. "Hoping to attract Muslim societies in Europe and the already providing news bulletins in French and English. It has also been adding social and religious programs to attract younger audiences."

Some of the charges made include "Zionist attempts to spread diseases such as Aids to Arabs and the usual "Zionist conspiracy to dominate the world". Though they may be off of Eutelsat the programs can be aired and accessed on other European stations.

Couple this with Hanson's comments from Tuesday's posts.

Watching Don Imus this morning he has a personal trainer on talking about weight loss. Says losing weight and keeping it off is like overcoming a drug habit or alcohol problem. It takes a change in your personality to be really effective. What we eat is tied directly to our personality.


Chicken Little...Still Alive

In the midst of holiday cheer the WSJ carries an article from the same group who chaired a commission which issued a warning of terrorist attack prior to 9/11. Warren Rudman and Gary Hart again ask why we are not better prepared for the inevitable attack to come, this time with a dirty bomb. Here is an excerpt:

There is little doubt that al Qaeda intends to and can detonate a weapon of mass destruction on U.S. soil. It would be reckless to think otherwise. Public statements by Osama bin Laden and captured documents in Afghanistan confirm this. The 9/11 Commission report makes clear that these jihadist terrorists have the organization and determination to do it. Nor can we count on our military efforts overseas or our seriously disorganized intelligence services to save us.

More than three years after 9/11, New York City still struggles to devise a workable emergency plan to cope with a dirty-bomb attack. No major city has exercised a system for the mass distribution of stockpiled medicines to deal with a bio attack. While nothing is more essential than crisis communications, no city but Washington has established routine radio contact between its fire departments and police departments. And our ports and borders, our economic lifelines to the world, still stand almost completely exposed. These facts have been reaffirmed by countless blue-ribbon panels.

So, why the inexplicable failure to act decisively? One problem is that no leader or high official wants to be Chicken Little, screaming daily that the sky is falling. Instead, official Washington readily consoles itself with the mantra "we're making progress, but there is more to be done."

We also lull ourselves into a false sense of security at home with the argument "the best defense is a good offense." But no matter how strong our offense abroad, its inevitable shortcomings still require us to prepare at home. Finally, the media seldom report that we are living on borrowed time, and squandering it. Is this story too boring for journalists?

Scary. Now look at this final paragraph...

Enough playing politics. Enough excuses. Shame on our leaders and on us if the lamentations of the next blue-ribbon panel will be intoned over the graves of hundreds of thousands of Americans, the collapse of our economy, and perhaps a fatal blow to our way of life. Our hair is on fire.