Are You Laodicean?

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Are You Laodicean?

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Recently I was in Arizona speaking to two churches about the time in which we live. I asked the question, “Are we like Laodicea”? The question comes from a thought in the book of Revelation.

The message to Laodicea, yes even the messages to all seven of the churches listed in Revelation, speaks to the condition of our present world. We live in a time when truth is under fire. The forces of darkness are waging spiritual war. The dark demonic world is breaking into this present world. What we see with war, global pestilence and a sexual revolution attacking the natural order of human life are signs of a growing darkness.

Today we are seeing spiritual wickedness seize the high powers of this age. Look around. Begin to see with the eyesight God can give.

Governments around the world create policies seeking to change the world we know into their vision of a utopia—a world order they think will bring about justice, peace and equity. Through control of every part of our modern life—including technology, finance and commerce—a new system will emerge that will promise peace and order, but in the end will consume the bodies and souls of humans.

Through our modern education systems and media culture, we are watching our minds, and the minds of our youth, be conditioned to accept philosophies, lifestyles and worldviews that are immoral, ungodly and anti-biblical.

Wherever we turn we are being persuaded against a belief in God, the Bible and the existence of unalterable, immutable Truth. World leaders, celebrities and their media culture, and leaders of global businesses are spokespersons for these false worldviews. We cannot be naïve. We are engaged in a spiritual battle for our minds and our heart. We are seeing massive deception occur.

And mark this: this deception includes the messaging of religion, churches and other spiritual teachers. What is taught as Christian today does not always stand up against what the Bible teaches. The true gospel Jesus Christ preached and passed on to His disciples has been changed and watered down. That is why Jesus stands at the door knocking, waiting to come in and dine. Do not take for granted your church teaches biblical truth.

The setting of the messages to all these churches of Revelation is the Roman empire of the first century, It’s a period when both human government and all the powers it commanded waged a battle against truth—and especially against those who followed Christ.

At the same time, there was a massive religious deception occurring. Not only was the pagan world enticing the faithful to sin, but false teaching was rising from within the church to cause the disciples to compromise with the surrounding culture and deny the Lord Jesus Christ.

Taken together, these seven messages to the churches offer encouragement from Christ that they could meet those challenges to their faith if they turned to Him in full faith and obedience. He showed them they could overcome and become victorious. They could become winners in godly faith.

There is an important chapter in our study guide, The Book of Revelation Unveiled, titled “God’s Church in Prophecy.” I encourage you to read it right now.